Treatment works compliance - performance commitment data

Discharge permit compliance looks at the performance of water recycling centres (to treat and dispose of sewage) and water treatment centres (for the water supply service) and counts the number of failing sites according to the numeric permit conditions.

The file contains a list of the failures at our sites for specific years – it gives the site affected and then further detail on each permit failure.  There were no compliance failures in 2021 (reporting year 2021-2022). 

You may also be interested in the sample data for influent and effluent at our sites.

WTC – Water treatment centre 

WRC – Water recycling centre 

How the data is collated: We have extracted the site permit failures from the end of year list produced by the EA and added relevant information from internal investigation work. 

For the remaining years of AMP7, an additional year of data will be added after the annual reporting period.

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