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Bid assessment framework

Bid assessment framework

As part of water companies 2020-2025 business plan’s Ofwat requires all companies to have a ‘Bid Assessment Framework’ (BAF) as part of their submission.

The BAF covers areas linked to water supply:

  • Water resources
  • Leakage
  • Water efficiency measures
  • Metering.

We fully support Ofwat’s drivers behind the BAF.

They state:
We require water companies to produce bid assessment frameworks in order to support bids, encourage innovation and give confidence to potential third party providers in the water bidding market.
This is aligned with our Marketplace activity, and we will be routing all BAF activity through this site over the coming years.

You can read our BAF here.

Draft updated BAF

In 2022 Ofwat published guidance on extending the BAF to cover bioresources. We have revised our BAF to cover this new requirement and a draft is available  for the market to review. We welcome your feedback, with questions detailed in Annex 4. Please send feedback to [email protected]

Draft Bid assessment framework – bioresources inclusion – July 2022

We held a webinar on the 12th July to give a brief summary of our BAF and to allow discussion. You can watch the recording below.