Sewage Pumping Station Run Stop example data

This run-stop dataset shows the run-stop data for the 20 pumping stations in the Bath catchment. We have published it to support our EDM alarm challenge.

Initially we published 2 years of data (where available) up until March 2019. We have subsequently shared a further 12 months of this data - these two files can be found in this data set.

The  CSO schematic  PDF file is provided to show the flow relationships between the pumping stations and EDM monitors (data can be found in the EDM dataset) . It is a representation of the network and is not drawn to scale.  

The  CSO information  summary file  details the EDM and SPS sites and which E/B numbers (run stop and level signals) match to each site. It also has some qualitative information on the EDM levels data quality, whether they measure in mm or %, and the level at which they alarm.

We have also provided the 15 minute level flow data for the water recycling centre, flow data for a sewage pumping station and location data for the CSOs and SPSs.

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