Water Resources Management Plan

Our water resources management plan sets out how, over the next 25 years, we will balance water supplies with water demands to ensure adequate water supply for our customers, whilst also protecting the environment.

Water companies are required to prepare and maintain a water resources plan on a five-yearly cycle. The plan is produced following guidance provided by the Environment Agency, our environmental regulator, and in accordance with direction from Defra. 

More information can be found on our website, linked below.

The spreadsheets contain key market information for the company’s water resource zone, including key information about Levels of Service, and source types. The spreadsheets also include direct copies of information from the Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) tables, relating to the supply-demand balance from 2020-2045, and information on investment options and costs, as included in the WRMP.

The information is collated on a 5-yearly cycle as part of the WRMP and business plan process.

One spreadsheet is provided for the Dry Year Annual Average (DYAA) planning scenario and one spreadsheet is provided for the dry Year Critical Period Scenario (DYCP).

We have also provided a link to the regular water resources update on the main Wessex Water website.

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