Water Recycling Centre flow data

Wessex Water have over 400 water recycling centres (WRC's) across our region. This dataset shows the daily flows at sites where flow is assessed, along with the maximum and minimum flows seen during the day.

This maximum and minimum have been provided both as an instantaneous reading and taken as a rolling three hour average to mitigate any errors.

The readings are taken by meters on site. The dataset only includes data with a ‘good’ data flag following internal quality assessment, inline with our regulatory reporting requirements. We have also removed short periods of times from specific sites where issues with the meters are known.

This dataset will be updated annually.

Note that the dataset was updated in August 2020 to add data for 2019. This involved re-extraction of the data for all previous years, hence some errors or missing data from the previous file may have been fixed.

Some site have multiple MCerts flow monitoring gauges on different treatment process streams, instead of a single gauge on the final outfall. At these sites the total flow for a given day is calculated by combining the total flow from each gauge. A list of these sites and the relevant gauges to combine are below. 

  • WARMINSTER – EA106, EA107
  • WIMBOURNE – EA112, EA113
  • HAM – EA258, EA259, EA260, EA274
  • HOLDENHURST – EA158, EA158, EA277
  • FROME – EA150, EA151

N.B. negative values associated with EA274 at HAM WRC are a measurement of recirculated flow within the site. When summed with the other values this results in the correct total flow for the WRC and as a result should not be converted to a positive value.

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