Void sites - performance commitment data

Void properties are those within the company’s supply area, which are connected for either a water service only, a wastewater service only or both services but do not receive a charge, as there are no occupants.  This spreadsheet provides the number of void properties in the MSOAs in our region.  MSOAs (Middle Layer Super Output Areas) are geographical areas.  The minimum population is 5000 and the mean is 7200.  The data provided is the position as at March of each reporting year.

Note: A small number of voids are missing where we have not been able to map to an MSOA.

Also note: This data is the void position as at March of each reporting year.  Note that the performance commitment is calculated as an average over the year therefore may not exactly match the data published.

How the data is collated: Our billing company provides the voids base data direct out of the household customer billing system. The MSOA mapping is then applied.

For the remaining years of AMP7, an additional year of data will be added after the annual reporting period.

If you have any comments or queries about this dataset, please get in touch via marketplace@wessexwater.co.uk

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