Leakage acoustic logger data

This data is being shared as part of the acoustic leak detection challenge. The data summary document provides a detailed explanation of the contents, but in summary the data set contains:

  • Acoustic logger data (columns A to J)
  • Data collated as part of current acoustic leak detection process (columns K to N)
  • Asset information and Geographic Information System (GIS) data associated with the logger’s location (columns O to AH)
  • Information about jobs raised nearby with the leakage team (columns AI to AS)
  • Leakage savings, where they could be estimated (columns AT to AU)

We have extracted the data from the systems described above and compiled it into this single data set.

As a guide, although all of this data is available for building your solution, only columns B to J and O to AH would be available as input to the model – for clarity these are shaded blue in the published dataset.

About this dataset

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