Optimising Ion Exchange

4 Jully 2022

A post by Martin Wood

Technical Manager


We launched the ion exchange brine challenge to try to find a more sustainable approach to deal with the brine waste from the ion exchange plants at one of our water treatment works.

One of the solutions we shortlisted for further exploration was a software monitoring tool proposed by datumpin to allow us to optimise current operation of the ion exchange plant. After internal discussion and consideration of its feasibility, we have begun implementation at our largest nitrate treatment plant, located in Blandford. The monitoring facility has now been installed. We are initially trialling it – during this time we will be assessing various parameters, namely salt use, brine waste volumes and nitrate removal efficiency, to assess whether this technology successfully reduces the amount of high-salt effluent for our waste treatment colleagues to deal with. If successful we would look to use the software at other nitrate treatment plants.

We will also maintain an active watching brief on other proposed solutions including improving efficiencies by trialling different regeneration chemicals, different ion exchange resins, repurposing existing chemical to provide a reusable waste stream and using potential membrane technology as an alternative to ion exchange. We’re not just interested in terms of current ion exchange plants, but also in how approaches could be applied to future nitrate removal requirements.