An update on our in-sewer monitor challenge

25 May 2023

A post by Rich Evans

Regional Network Monitoring Manager

Last Autumn we launched a challenge looking at cost-effective monitoring solutions for our sewer network.

After reviewing the submissions received, a trial to test monitors from three suppliers is now well underway.  The suppliers taking part in the trial are Map16, Metasphere and UD Live.

The monitors utilise either radar or ultrasonic sensors to provide sewer level readings. This helps us understand how our sewerage network is operating and highlights issues (such as blockages) as they develop. Operational teams can then be directed more efficiently to protect customers and the environment.

We have already experienced a variety of weather conditions in the early stages of the trial, giving us a good insight into how the monitors work and what solutions are right for Wessex Water.

The potential value of this type of data is huge. It can be fed into machine learning tools, increasing our Sewerage Network Monitoring Team’s ability to proactively identify and resolve issues, and so further preventing pollutions and flooding events.

At the end of the trial, we will use our findings to inform our monitoring strategy and tender process. As this is a rapidly developing sector, we will continuously review what new technologies are best suited to our needs, allowing us to invest wisely over the medium and long term.