• AI revolutionises sewer surveys

    Our partnership with artificial intelligence (AI) company Molfar, which came about through our AI sewer scanning Marketplace challenge, is already revolutionising our sewer survey activity.

  • An update on our in-sewer monitor challenge

    Last Autumn we launched a challenge looking for low cost monitors to enable us to increase our ability to proactively monitor and identify issues in our sewer network.

  • Optimising Ion Exchange

    We launched the ion exchange brine challenge to try to find a more sustainable approach to deal with the brine waste from the ion exchange plants at one of our water treatment works.

  • Plastic bead media challenge – what’s next?

    We launched this challenge in September 2021 looking for alternative approaches to facilitate replacing buoyant plastic bead media used at some of our water recycling centres.

  • An update on our foam production challenge

    Last Autumn we launched a challenge looking at foaming at water recycling centre outfalls.

  • Anti-fouling paint challenge: Tiles appear promising

    We launched this particular challenge to explore the possibility of coating some of the chambers and channels at our water recycling centres with an anti-fouling paint.

  • Looking back at 2021

    As 2021 draws to a close we’re looking back at some of our news and achievements related to the Wessex Water Marketplace.

  • AI product to be rolled out at scale following Intelligent Sewers challenge

    There’s lots to update you on since previous blog posts on the Intelligent Sewers challenge.

  • Reflecting on 2020 and looking ahead to 2021

    As we plan ahead to see what Marketplace challenges are on the horizon this year, it feels a good time to reflect on 2020 and look at how we collaborated with many to share some great ideas during what was a very challenging year for everyone.

  • The South West Leakage Hub – a collaborative approach to leakage

    Reducing leakage rates is a huge challenge faced by all water companies. The possibility of further target reductions beyond the current AMP means now is absolutely the right time to share information on a variety of topics. Taking a collaborative approach in this way will help ensure we have the best chance of meeting the challenges and get there in a cost-effective way.