About the Wessex Water Marketplace approach

Continue to deliver

We believe we have a new business model for the UK water industry.

The perception of the sector is changing. Long gone are the days when we were seen as the ‘dirty man’ of Europe.

After significant investment in our water and sewerage infrastructure we now have world leading water quality, environmental standards and customer service.

However, this has come at a cost. Customers’ bills could be reduced through more efficient spending and use of innovation, challenging the asset-focused and now arguably out-of-date business model of the water industry over the past 30 years.

But squaring this with the ever-increasing need for improved performance and resilience, with the moral challenge of environmental and customer protection beyond ‘simply’ providing water on demand, is increasingly difficult.

We’ve been a leader in the UK water industry for 30 years with a history of forging our own path in alternative approaches1. We do our best, but we know that we don’t always get it right and there is always room for improvement.

We will demonstrate that we can continue to deliver the required standards of service and resilience without ever-escalating costs, in an open and transparent manner. But this will require thinking differently and collaborating with the rest of the industry, from the supply chain to regulators.

How will we do this?

Through the Wessex Water Marketplace, we will share the challenges we face with the market in an open question rather than asking for a price for a pre-determined solution.

We’ll work with the market to determine whether a blend of their solutions could provide an alternative to the asset-focused industry approach of the past, sharing our data and being open and transparent in our assessment of the solutions.

To get involved, have a look at the Challenges section of this website – we’ll share the challenges we face and the data that we want to engage with the market on, the process we will follow and feedback on our journey.

Email us at marketplace@wessexwater.co.uk to share your thoughts – to deliver the best engagement we want to know how our approach is working and what more we can do to improve the process.

This approach will provide better value for our customers and the environment, be that lower cost or delivering wider outcomes.