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Trials planned following anti-fouling paint challenge

A post by Carla ReeveDevelopment Scientist, Operations

In September we launched a challenge to identify an anti-fouling paint, which would inhibit the growth and build-up of slime, algae and aquatic plants on some of our final effluent humus tank channels at our water recycling centres. We received responses from a range of sources – individuals, companies, and some of our own staff – mainly resulting from people’s own experiences using paints and coatings on boats and other marine equipment. The marina industry is one of the main industries utilising anti-fouling paints, for example on sailing boats and propellers.

We have reviewed the responses and compiled a shortlist of products to investigate. Further research will be needed to ascertain how flow rates and temperature affect the leaching rates and concentrations of biocides discharged.

As the main objective is to inhibit the growth and build-up of slime, algae and aquatic plants, we have decided to start the trials in spring when regrowth will be at its maximum and the water recycling process will be experiencing spring sloughing.

We will continue to keep you updated when the investigations and trials commence.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to contribute to the challenge.

Main photo by Kyle Cozens.